Friday, January 07, 2005


istorical Exactitude is a more precise term for what is often called Historical Revisionism, or simply "revisionism". The term "revisionism" has a few different meanings in different contexts, and it is also sometimes used incorrectly by opponents of historical accuracy to imply the revision of true history in the service of a political agenda--rather than its real meaning: the revision of inaccurate, frequently deliberately misleading, politically motivated historical claims, in order to bring history as written and taught into accord with the facts.

Therefore, to prevent misunderstanding, the clearly descriptive and less politically loaded term, historical exactitude may be a more useful one in many circumstances.

Wartime is proverbially characterized by the magnitude of the lies told by governments and their institutions; in fact, such monumental falsehoods are an absolute necessity in virtually any war: if the people called upon to fight had any idea for whom and what they were fighting, most wars would never get off the ground.

Now that more and more people are turning away from government and corporate-sponsored media, to get their news from internet sources, it seems that it may finally be possible to make a dent in the wall of lies which constitutes the official history of WWII--the bloodiest, most destructive conflict in world history--to reveal the truths behind it: truths that are surprisingly relevant to our world today with its seemingly insoluble problems.

The Biblical phrase, "and the truth will set you free" was never more relevant than with reference to today's Gordian knot of political, military, and economic policies, which seem to be dragging us relentlessly, hogtied and helpless, from crisis to crisis, toward the dread vortex of World War III. On this blog I propose to wield the sword of Truth to cut the knot of lies (and while I'm at it, to drive the bulldozer of Truth to knock down the wall of lies in my previous paragraph :-)).

If you find the information you obtain here useful, please be generous with it; if each person who learns tells just two people, the wave of truth generated will eventually be massive enough to sweep away the rapidly encroaching New World Order, making way for a world order based on, if nothing else, truth.


mugwort said...

Testing comment-ability.

laconas said...

I wish you luck and hope to be posting here.

Iron Webmaster said...

Congrats Muggles!

Running barefoot is good for the spirit.

al hakanson said...

youre playing the totalitarian game of revisionism. not gonna work

qrswave said...

"is it worth it?"